Treated LVL

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Treated LVL

PWT has revolutionized exterior wood with the world’s first manufactured Treated LVL. PWT Treated gives you all the benefits of Engineered Wood. 

Treated LVL

PWT Treated Tru-Core technology means longer spans. Fewer columns, footing and piers, with better views, longer lasting, and a longer warranty. Looking for a tough, stable option for deck substructures, exterior columns, and sill plates? PWT Treated LVL is engineered for strength and stability and can be used in severe above-ground UC3B applications including critical and hard to replace above ground uses. PWT Treated LVL is protected against damage caused by fungal rot, decay, and wood destroying insects including Formosan Termites. It can be used in interior and exterior applications and offers a 25-year limited warranty.    


  • Tru-Core Technology 
  • 25-Year Warranty 
  • Protection 
  • Strength 
  • Sustainability 

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© 2021 J.M. Thomas Forest Products. All rights reserved.

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