Redwood Decking

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Redwood Decking

The beauty of redwood decking is legendary. Each board has a completely unique color and characteristic; no two boards are the same. 


Redwood decking is one of natures strongest building materials with shear strength up to five times greater than plastic or composite decking. It is much lighter in weight than composites, plastics, or tropical hardwoods, yet for being so light in weight it stands up to the elements with natural durability.  


  • Properly maintained, a redwood deck could last anywhere from 25-40 years  
  • Dimensionally Stable 
  • Resists checking, cupping, and warping 
  • Certified Sustainable 
  • Code Approved 
  • Naturally Beautiful 

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© 2021 J.M. Thomas Forest Products. All rights reserved.

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